June 14, 2016

Compact thermal shock chambers

automatic thermal shock testing machine


  Compact thermal shock chambers Programmable Thermal Shock Test  Chamber

  • Micro processor, multi function control. To control and monitor the compressor, the solenoid valve and the heater .
  • When faults occur, the auto detection and protection function will activate and will automatically cut off the power, the LCD screen will shows the fault status.
  • Appointment function , the equipment can be activate and start for operation through setting (Year, month, date, hour and minute)
  • Accumulation operation time provide a record for management and maintanence.
  • Setting of the backlite of the LCD can extend the useful life of the LCD.
  • Can choose one paragraph of control or the multi-screen process to increase the convenience of its operation.
  • Curve drawing function: After setting up the operation parameters or during the running mode, you can call out the screen to understand the running situations and conditions.
  • Program execution can be suspended (HOLD), Jump paragraph (ADV) and other procedures involved in setting.
  • Recovery time and test time WAIT function.
  • Power breakdown recovery function, can select BREAK, COLD, or HOT.
Thermal shock chambers
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