CS series Standard Oil Bath

Temperature Fluctuation: +-0.005℃; The level of temperature difference : 0.01℃.

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General Details
• Application: This series is used for one or two mercury thermometer test and laboratory thermometer test, calibration purposes.

• Chongqing Eternal Experiment Instrument Factory provides Standard Water Bath CS series with the standard of ISO9001 and China GB19001.

• Unique interior structure and heating devices to ensure ultra-high constant temperature in the tank to ensure minimum error.

• Using the company developed high-precision computer temperature control device, highly accurate temperature control.

• Unique direct mixing technology to ensure uniform temperature in the tank and groove seal leak-free.

• The customized standard water bath CS series is available for us.

Technical Information
CS503 CS604 HJ4 HJ4Q HJ6 HJ6Q
Temperature fluctuation ±0.01℃ ±0.01℃ ±0.015℃ ±0.015℃ ±0.015℃ ±0.015℃
The level of temperature difference 0.005℃ 0.01℃ 0.01℃ 0.01℃ 0.01℃ 0.01℃
The maximum temperature difference 0.01℃ 0.03℃ 0.02℃ 0.02℃ 0.02℃ 0.02℃
Interior space dimension (mm) 160×550 160×550 130×550 130×550 130×550 130×550
Temperature Range R.T+10~90℃ 90~300℃ -40~80℃ -40~80℃ -60~80℃ -60~80℃
Product executive standards JB/T5377-91 JB/T5377-91 JB/T5376-91 JB/T5376-91
Remark For the special requirements for meteorological thermometer test,Type 0 add observation window and rotating device.Internal space dimension labeled: Diameter φ ×  Height H