Drying chamber

Temperature Range: R.T+10~300℃; Internal volume: 72~234L;

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General Details
  • This chamber is designed for drying, baking and heat treatment tests for non-flammable, non-explosive materials performed by Electronics, electrical, instrument, material, semiconductor manufacturing enterprises; it is particularly suitable for products such as LED, LCD, quartz crystal, capacitors, resistors and other products which demands constant temperature precision and high reliability drying and aging during  the process of production;
  • Strong wind circulation;
  • Easy to set up man-machine dialogue mode, simultaneous display the set temperature and the measured temperature;
  • Over-temperature protection improves reliability and safety;
  • Convenient linear compensation function avoids the deviation between display temperature and actual temperature values;
  • Unique assembly design result in a more reasonable case structure;
Techical Info
Drying chamber
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