Electric Air-blowing Drying Oven

Temperature Range: R.T+10~300℃; Temperature Fluctuation: +-0.5℃. Internal volume: 91~500L;

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General Details
  • This chamber is designed for drying, aging and heat treatment for non-flammable, non-explosive materials to do high temperature test, and test for components in Electronics, electrical, instrument fields.
  • It is particularly suitable for products such as LED, LCD, quartz crystal, capacitors, resistors and other products which demands constant temperature precision and high reliability drying and aging during  the process of production;
  • Handles, hinges, touch screen controllers and seals are all made of high-quality, high-reliability materials and are very durable.
  • Execution and meet the standards: GB11158-89 / GB2423.2-89 Test B / GJB150.3-86.
  • The customized Electric Air-blowing Drying Oven are available for us.
Technical Information
Temperature range: RT + 10 ~ + 300 ℃; Interior dimensions: 225L ~ 2,640L
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