Electrothermal Incubators

Temperature Range: 4~50℃; Internal volume: 25-250L;

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General Details
  •  Used in medicine, agriculture, and environmental protection departments for cell and bacterial culture as well as water quality BOD;
  • Use of man-machine dialogue, press the arrow keys to manually input parameters, convenient and simple settings;
  • Simultaneously display the set temperature and measured temperature;
  • 27L-250L various sizes available;
  • Overheat protection, improved reliability and safety;
  • PlD microcomputer control, with white-tuning PID function, ensure that the equipment under all operating conditions to achieve the best temperature accuracy;
  • Convenient linear compensation function, avoid the error between display temperature and actual temperature values;
  • Unique assembly design, more reasonable casing structure;
  • Equipped with a large rectangular viewing window.Everything inside the box status can be viewed at a glance;
  • Heat preservation at set time when detected that the measuring temperature has reached the set temperature;
Techical Info
Electrothermal Incubators
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