environmental temperature and humidity chamber

Temperature range: -70℃ ~+150℃; Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5 ℃; Temperature deviation: ± 2 ℃; Humidity range:30%-98% RH.

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General Details


  • Widely used in accelerated damp heat tests and alternating temperature tests for materials, equipment and other parts in electrical, electronic, aerospace, aviation, instrumentation and other industries in order to evaluate the performance of the trial target under given environmental conditions.


  • 32-digit Intelligent Programmable Controller High processing speed, clear interface display.Multiple language options, test data U-disk storage, LAN ports, and other functions.
  • Standard test condition program download
  • Malfunction traceability and automatic detection function Running condition of the test chamber before the malfunction will be automatically recorded and saved, and then forwarded to the nearest service window to implement remote malfunction diagnosis and integrated inspection & repair.
  •  Remote monitoring communication and SMS alarm  Simply remote monitor the equipment through LAN without using any driver program.Equipment malfunction alarms will be received in real time on the preset phone number.
  • Both standard and customized environmental temperature and humidity chambers are available for us.
  • The environmental temperature and humidity chamber price is based on the design and specification.
Technical Information
SDJ series High and low temperature (hot and humid) test chamber
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