Salt fog corrosion test chamber

Temperature Range: R.T~55℃. Temperature Uniformity: ±2℃. Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.5℃. Settling volume: 1~2ml/80cm2.h.

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General Details
Execution and meet the standard:

GB10587-89 GB2423.17-93



Hardware electroplating, parts manufacturing, electronic parts manufacturing, and electronics.

Accelerate or salt fog corrosion test to metal, protective cover, parts and electronic parts.



Salt fog corrosion test chamber uses auto water supply system, which can supply water automatically when it is lack of water and the test won’t be interrupted;

It uses imported temperature controller, digital display, PID control, deviation is less than ±0.1℃;

Work room is made by imported PVC HDPE PE, whose durable temperature is 60℃;

Digital display time controller 0.1s -999ohr;

The sealed cap of work room is made by transparency organic glass, which makes people observe clearly.

Technical Information
Type YWQ150 YWQ250 YWQ750 YWQ010 YWQ016 YWQ020
Work room dimension(mm) 450×600×400 600×900×500 750×1100×500 850×1300×600 850×1600×600 900×2000×600
Temp range R.T~55℃
Uniformity ±2℃
Fluctuation ±0.5℃
Settling volume 1~2ml/80cm2.h
Spray way Cycle of spray way can adjust.
Power(KW) 2 4 5 6 8 9
Remark Work room dimension:Depth×Width×Hight
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