Temperature Humidity Test Chambers

The products can be customized upon customers' requests.

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General Details
·  Application: Suitable for the test of large components.

·  Chongqing Hoson Technology Co.,Ltd. provides Temperature Humidity Test Chambers with the standard of ISO9001 and China GB19001.

· Self made frame type treasury storehouse board, high strength, good thermal insulation effect.

· Use of electronic expansion valve control technology, energy-saving, quick control

· Capacitance humidity sensor control, easy maintenance, high reliability

· Independent patented intelligent control system Simply set the temperature and humidity conditions, the automatic control system will run at maximum power before reaching the set value, and at minimum power after reaching the set value. And it can respond quickly to the door switch and changes in heat load during the testing process in order to maintain a stable test environment.

· Energy saving mode There are 2 modes, the standard mode and energy-saving mode to control of the consumption of electricity. You can switch between modes in accordance with the test conditions. The patent-pending new refrigeration system can accurately control output

· freezing capacity, so as to achieve a significant energy saving effect.

· Automatic backup and continue to run function In case a part of the test chamber fails, the remaining machines will continue to run without stopping the test. If the humidifier fails, the system will be switched to temperature control operation mode.

· The customized Temperature Humidity Test Chambers are available for us.



Thchnical Information
Model Temp range Humidity range Interior volume Type Internal dimension (W×H×D)(mm)
BR -40~+80℃ 20~98%RH 4,220L Type 1 1,020×2,100×1,980
BR -40~+80℃ 20~98%RH 8,150L Type 2 1,960×2,100×1,980
BR -40~+80℃ 20~95%RH 12,490L Type 3 3,020×2,100×1,980
BR -70~+80℃ 16,840L Type 4 4,070×2,100×1,980
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