June 14, 2016

Thermal shock chambers and associates

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal shock chambers and associates Air Thermal Shock Test Chamber  

1.Product usage:

 Thermal Shock Enviromental Test Machine can be used in testing composite material and material structure’s result which under continuous environment with high temperature or low temperature shock in short time; it means this product can test the material’s chemical change or physics change by expansion and contraction within short time. It’s application to metal, plastic, rubber, electronic etc materials and can be used for product improvement’s reference.

 2.Product features:

1)Perfect outlook upgrades, easy operation

2)The color touch microcomputer temperature controller was made in Japan which can display Chinese / English Vertical structure with 3 chambers, high low temperature shock cycling can be automatic control, remain and change time can be adjustable, stainless steel inner material, several record methods, it has various safety precautions and device.

 3)Perfect protect alarming function: when it has condition with short circuit, work chamber over-temperature, leakage; compressor with over-pressure, over-load, oil pressure, water-break, the screen will automatic display the fault cause and provide exclusion method, and when the input voltage is unstable, due to it has the stop device that the remove time of high-low temperature shock structure within 10s.

 4)The recovery time for this product within 5min and meet MTL, IEC, JIS, GJB etc standard.

 3.Option accessories:

 Temperature recorder

 Ln2 fast cooling control system

 RS-232 RS-232C communication interface device, it can supervisory control and record by LAN with computer together

 4.Functional module:

1)This equipment divided into three sections:hot chamber,cold chamber and testing chamber. It’s using unique the heat protection structure, accumulation of hot and cold effect, heat and cold air   course to guide into the specimen to make the temperature shock test.

 2)The color touch microcomputer temperature controller(320*240dots) was made in Japan

 3)High formula memory capacity may be set to 100 groups. The maximum cycle setting is 9999cycles. The maximum setting of each section is 999 Hrs 59 Min.

 4)Provide with RS-232C communication interface device, capable of controlling / editing/            recording in the linkage with the computer and two set dynamic connection point and convenient    application.Both 2 zone and 3 zone chambers can be chosen.

 5)It is the fully automatic and high precision program, and all process are precisely controlled by      P.L.C.’S.

 6)For the malfunctions, the machine will automatically shuts down and a warning light switches        on. It can be shut down automatically in case of electrical power instabilities

Thermal shock chambers
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