June 14, 2016

Thermal shock chambers auto

Thermal Shock Test Chamber


Thermal shock chambers auto Main Usage:

3 chambers thermal shock cabinets are used for “temperature shocking” a product under test. Usually a Thermal Shock Chamber consists of two chambers, one hot and another cold, with a test basket (which contains the product being tested) which moves between the two chambers (or zones) – either horizontally for vertically, depending on the configuration of the thermal shock chamber. This equipment is the perfect testing machine of electronic components, metal, chemical materials, automation components, communication module, national defense industry, aerospace industry, BGA, PCB substrate, electronic chip IC, semiconductor ceramic and high polymer materials.


3 chambers thermal shock cabinet  Characteristics:
1.The most advanced new and Euramerican explosion-proof handle, perfect modelling design, high texture appearance.
2. 3 chambers thermal shock cabinet using large human-computer touch conversational LED man-machine interface controller, simple operation, easy to learn, it is stable and reliable.
3.The way of shock is changing the wind grid to pull the cold and hot temperature into testing area to enforce test.
4.Shocking time:0.1~999.9h;  cycle period:1~9999times, settable.
5.Cycle and defrost ing count can be set, so does automatic defrosting or manul defrosting.
6.It shows the the status and curve when working together with explaination and eliminateing method when stoppage.
7.Euramerican imported efficient repeated compressing freezing unit, low noise, energy saving.
8.3 chambers thermal shock cabinet adopts PID automatic calculating control, high precision of temperature control.
9.Can make automatic cycle shock or manual selective shock and can choose two groove or three groove cold , heat shock.
10.3 chambers thermal shock cabinet can use as a high temperature boc or low temperatue box independently.
11.Use environmental refrigerants R404,R23 whitch cause no poluution to the ozone.


3 chambers thermal shock cabinet Specifications:

Inner Size(mm) 400×350×300 400×500×400 500×600×500 500×750×600
Temperature Range High temperature chamber:RT~+150°C Low temperature:RT~-60°C
Temperature Deviation Less than ±2°C
Temperature Conversion Time Less than 10S
Temperature Recovery Time Less than 5min
Material External material: SUS#304 Stainless steel plate

Internal material:SUS#304Stainless steel plate

Cooling System Water-cooled or air-cooled,Taikang compressor in France,environment friendly refrigerant
Controllor Programmable temperature controllor imported from Japan
Temperature Sensor PT 100 *3
Setting Range TEMPERATURE : -100.00+200.00°C / TIME : OH1M ~ 9999H 59M / CYCLE ~ 10000 CYCLE
Resolution TEMPERATURE : 0.01°C / TIME : 1 MIN
Simulated Load IC (KG) 3.5kg
Standard Accessories Cable hole, lighting equipment
Cooling System Water-cooled/air-filled type
Power AC380V/50HZ Three-phase four-wire ac power
Additional Features The outlet and return it checks for taste known control/CM BUS (RS-485) remote monitoring management system/

Ln2 liquid nitrogen rapid cooling control device

Remarks It can be customiazed according to customer demands.

Technology index refer to product description.Delivery time within 45days.

Thermal shock chambers
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