June 14, 2016

Thermal shock chambers discount

Thermal Shock Test Chamber


Thermal shock chambers discount Feature of thermal shock chambers

thermal shock chambersdoes not need to use the liquid gas (LN2LCO2) as an assistant means to lower the temperature. Its test method with the specimen under static state completely is presently used for the test and research of electronic products as well as for the large selection of semiconductor production lines, which can largely save the test expense for the consumptive materials. It is of fast operation and high reliability. It is the high performance test machine researched and developed by our company with great concentration and full effort for many years, which can provide you with the long-term and reliable test tool.



Control way and feature of  thermal shock chambers

Use the high & low temperature thermal & cool storage tanks and need to open the DAMPER according to action so as to realize the quick shock effect; the balance temperature control system (BTC) controls the SSR in the P.I.D. way, which keeps the heating of the system equal to the heat loss, therefore, it can be used stably for a long time.

 Major performance parameters of  thermal shock chambers

Model BE-CH-80A
Inner size(mm) 500*400*400
Outside size(mm) 1700*1800*1480
Shock temperature range -40°C~+150°C


Temperature setting range of high temperature tank Normal temperature ~ +200°C
Temperature setting range of low temperature tank -55°C ~ -10°C


Temperature Deviation Less than ±2°C
Temperature Conversion Time Less than 10S
Temperature Recovery Time Less than 5min
Material SUS#304 Stainless steel plate
Cooling System Water-cooled or air-cooled, Taikang compressor in France, environment friendly refrigerant
Controller Color touch controller
Setting Range Temperature : -100.00+200.00°C / Time : 0H1M ~ 9999H 59M / Cycle ~ 10000 cycle
Resolution  0.01°C /  MIN
Temperature shock execution device complete set of pneumatic components imported with original packaging from Japan
Carrying capacity of specimen shelf 30KG
Standard Accessories Cable hole, lighting equipment
Cooling System Water-cooled/air-filled type
Power AC 380V/50HZ  Three-phase five-wire ac power
Additional Features The outlet and return it checks for taste known control/CM BUS (RS-485) remote monitoring management system/Ln2 liquid nitrogen

rapid cooling control device

Remarks It can be customized according to customer demands,Technology index refer to product description.
Thermal shock chambers
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