June 14, 2016

Thermal shock chambers energy

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal shock chambers energy Precision Hot-air Oven Features:


1.  Adopt precise and reliable control way of computerized electronic digital controller.

2. The door sealing uses silicone, which endures high temperation. View window attached.

3. The centrigugal fan provides greater cyclic airflow to avoid dead corner in the chamber so as to

obtain uniform distribution of temperature.

In addition to the Precision Hot-air Oven, We are also manufacturing the following equipments:
Programmable Temperature & humidity testing Chamber, Triple layer Type Temperature & humidity Chamber, Temperature & humidity Control Host, Air Thermal Shock Tester, Liquid Thermal Shock Tester, Salt Spray Tester, Walk-in environmental Testing Room, Temperature & humidity & Vibration Combined Testing Chamber, Aging Oven Tester, Rain/Spray Testing Chamber, Burn-in testing equipment, Dust Tester, Steam Aging Tester, Electromagnetic High Frequency Vibration Tester, Tensile Tester, Drop Tester, Precision Oven Tester, etc.


If you are interested in any item of our company, kindly please contact Mr. William Cho via trade manager account#cn1000707700 directly or send your enquiy to william_cho@ or skype account “dgyuanyao” for more information and fast response, look forward to serving your needs!

Thermal shock chambers
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