June 14, 2016

Thermal shock chambers group

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Thermal shock chambers group Shock Thermal Air Test Chamber:  

is mainly test materials resistance in extremely high temperature or extremely low temperature. This situation is similar to non-continuously being low temperature or high temperature; thermal shock tester can make various products accomplish test in shortest time. Chemical change or physical injury made by heat shock is caused by thermal expansion and contraction change or other physical nature change; use TST system to achieve entire trust for various products. Effect of heat shock is including finished products cracked or broken layer, and electrochemical change caused by replacement. All-digital automatic control of TST system makes you easy and handy operation.


Main features:

Thermal shock tester is divided into three boxes: high temperature, low temperature, and the testing area. Samples are placed in the testing area; during the testing, the valve, which drove by cylinder, lead the high temperature  or low temperatures into the testing area. The test sample is in static mode.

1. LCD touch screen controller can display Chinese/English. Big size TFT LCD  panels are also adopted.

2. High formula memory capacity can be set to 120 patterns. The maximum cycle setting is 9999 times. The maximum setting of each section is 999 Hrs 59 Mins.

3. Provide with RS-232C communication interface device, capable of controlling / editing/ recording in the linkage with the computer and two set dynamic connection point and convenient application.

4. Both 2 zone and 3 zone shock chambers can be chosen.

5. All systems are fully automatic, and all process are precisely controlled by PLC.

6. If any parts have errors, the machine will automatically shuts down and a warning light switches on.

7. Machine can be shut down automatically in case of power instabilities.


Air to air thermal chamber
1.Longer service life
2.Low maintenance
3.Durability,low cost

Programmable Three Chambers Air-Cooled Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal shock chambers
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