June 14, 2016

Thermal shock chambers industrial supply

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  Thermal shock chambers industrial supplySupply Fast Ramp Rate Thermal Shock Chambers

Product Description

          Thermal shock chamber is used to test the structure of the material or composite material. In an instant  it should bear the degree, through a very high temperature and low temperature in a continuous environment, to test the changes of chemical or physical damage of the specimens caused by thermal expansion and contraction in a shortest time. we have different hot and cold chambers for you to choose. OEM service is available .

Production advantage


1. Adapting Korea SANWONTECH temperature and humidity controller
2. Upgrading the refrigeration system ,two High performance scroll compressor, saving 30%
energy more than peers
3. Thermal shock chamber  adopted advanced electronic expansion valve
4. Pure copper evaporator , heat quickly,fast cooling, hard to corrosion and no pollution
5. Equipped with 45 secruity protection device while commercially available test machine
 onlyhas 8 -10 device.
6. Inches LCD touch screen, operating simply and conveniently
7. Equipped with USB and LAN interface, don’t need recorder
8. Thermal shock chamber  can be operated by mobile APP software
Thermal shock chambers
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